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If not now, when?

I recently celebrated my birthday and had just received a beautiful floral arrangement from a special friend of mine when I received a text from her that changed the rest of my day. Her sister had been involved in an auto accident and tragically died along with her husband due to injuries suffered in the accident. I was stunned and heartbroken for my friend's loss. Death seems to catch the majority of us by surprise and we are left to deal with grief and mourning as well as the details of saying goodbye to those who have left us. No one really wants to contemplate the end of life but maybe that is because we have a flawed perspective that focuses on our individual lives being lost without understanding the needs of those who are dealing with the aftermath.

Fortunately, my good friend is an insurance agent and had secured coverage for her family that would help provide for the financial burden of laying them to rest. Sometimes for insurance professionals, life insurance is a sensitive subject to visit but one that is absolutely vital to taking care of one's family in the event of a loss. There are many reasons to purchase life insurance, but in the final analysis life insurance is the protection that provides for life needs in the event that you are not there to contribute your part to your family. Because whether we realize it or not, life insurance is not about death; it is about sustaining life for those we love.

Our professional staff of insurance producers at Custom Insurance Advisors are devoted to protecting our insurance clientele with coverage that meets the entirety of the individual and family needs. With that in mind, please feel free to contact us and visit with us about affordable plans that will mean so much to your family someday as they deal with moving forward with life after you are gone. We all plan as if we will be here forever, but the fact is that tomorrow is not promised to us. If not now, when will be a good time to make plans for your loved ones' protection by securing LIFE insurance to take care of their needs? Please call us today at 417-881-2015, 417-345-7214, or toll free at 1-800-743-7205. We are waiting to be of service.

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