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Personal Insurance


"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


 Custom Insurance Advisors is made up of a professional agency staff dedicated to providing valuable protection for your home, whatever that might entail.  We are pleased to offer the following policy options for your structures and personal property policy:


1)  Renters Coverage - Contents and Tenant Liability    


2)  Dwelling Fire - Basic coverage for the structure which may be paired with premises liability coverage.


3)  Homeowner's Coverage - Package policies designed to offer broad or special forms coverage with the structure, contents, and liability all inclusive.


4)  Condo Unit Owner's Coverage - Designed to protect the client's interest in the structural interior, contents, l liability, and associational coverage unique to condo living.


5)  Mobile Home - Coverage for structure and premises liability.


"Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives."Chris Bangle - American Auto Designer - BMW


For many busy Americans, we spend as many if not more hours per day commuting or traveling in our vehicles.  Custom Insurance Advisors is pleased to offer specialized coverage specific to cover the many types of vehicles and the many groups of people who rely on vehicles to conduct the activity of our lives.  Coverage for autos ranges from liability and regulatory coverage to physical damage and extras for rentals and towing.  We have listed a small sampling of classifications for our multi-faceted products.


1)  Private Passenger Autos - Cars and pickups used in daily driving and life  activities.


2Young Drivers - We have policies designed to rate for youthful drivers and  offer rewards such as Good Student Discounts for those who qualify.


3)  Senior Drivers - Our agency portfolio provides coverage through carriers  specifically designed to give competitive pricing to seniors with good driving histories.


4) Family Policies - For families with multiple drivers, we have options available  that combine the average age of all drivers in the household. Multi-Vehicle Discounts may also apply.


5)  Vintage Autos - Custom Insurance Advisors         currently partners with several carriers who provide coverage for show cars and parade vehicles with limited  usage.


"My greatest escape is just to get in a boat and disappear on the water." Carl Hiaasen - American Journalist and Novelist


Boating and water-related activities often represent a relaxing part of family life that offers opportunities for creating memories.  Custom Insurance Advisors offers coverage for the various types of boating equipment you may purchase to enhance your lake experience.  Please contact us to check on competitive rates and comprehensive protection for the following risks:


1) - Boats - Physical damage and liability coverage is available for a variety of boats that range from flat-bottom fishing boats, sail boats, high-value boats, and ski boats.


2) - Boat Accessories - Many boat policies are designed to offer added protection for gear that would commonly be stored on the boat, such as oars, life preservers, and tackle gear.  We are pleased to look at endorsements available for this added layer of coverage.


3) - Jet Skis - Boating sports may include more activities than the traditional boating with the purchase of jet skis. Did you know that your jet ski is not considered part of your boat policy and should be covered separately?  Please allow us to secure coverage for you on these specialized watercraft.


"You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle." -Dan Aykroyd - American Actor


Many people enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment of hitting the highways on motorcycles of all shapes and sizes.  Other individuals might prefer the off-road experience with other recreational vehicles.  Custom Insurance Advisors can offer options for coverage on various recreational vehicles including:


1)  Motorcycles - Our agency has multiple options for competitive motorcycle rating for everything from a scooter to a Harley. 

2)  RV and Motor Home - These vehicles are usually covered under auto-type policies but may include optional coverage for liability and special personal property depending upon the usage of the vehicle.


3)  ATV/Four Wheelers/Dirt Bikes - We are pleased to offer special coverage for liability off-premises and physical damage coverage. Please contact us to determine how best to cover your off-road vehicles.


4)  Golf Carts - Whether used on the course or just to travel through your subdivision, our agency staff would love to assist you in finding liability and physical damage for your risk.



"A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain."Robert Frost - American Poet


Thinking about umbrellas often conjures up images of walking through the rain with the concept being that the umbrella is our protection in those moments.  In much the same way, an umbrella policy provides extra protection over all of your liability exposures and other coverage.  Custom Insurance Advisors is committed to providing more education and protection in this area for our clientele to protect your assets and add value to your insurance dollars by helping you protect against liability risks that often "leak through" the coverage of your other policies such as:


1)  Personal Injury - While most liability coverage we purchase on auto and home coverage protects against bodily injury or property damage, there are   exclusions in most policies against personal injury issues such as slander or acts of negligence that would affect a person's reputation.  The umbrella policy steps in with coverage in this area.


2)  Volunteer Activities - Umbrella coverage would provide extra protection against your volunteer participation in community events.  For those individuals who are actively involved in church activities or school related organizations, this protection is valuable.

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