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Business Insurance

Property & Liability

"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency." - Arnold H. Glasgow - American Businessman and Humorist


Effective business development involves successful planning through accurate and dependable risk management with regard to the operations of the business as well as the risk to business-owned property.  One key element in managing business risk is to purchase adequate insurance coverage to mitigate the loss exposures to your business.  The agency staff at Custom Insurance Advisors is delighted to sit down with you and determine what type policy would best fit your business exposure and we welcome all types and sizes of business.  Some of the products available with our carriers include the following:


1) Businessowner's Package Policy (BOP) - This type package policy is  designed to conjoin the two areas of protection with both property and liability coverage. Most of these policies offer structural and contents coverage along with coverage extensions such as Loss of Business Income or Loss of Use.  This policy also provides a basic general liability coverage to cover the business premises. Because the concept is similar to Homeowner's coverage in Personal Lines, there are stipulations for coverage eligibility.


2) Property - Since some business types do not qualify for a BOP package, our agents can assist in securing property coverage specific to your business property needs.  We have plans that range from buildings to personal property, Inland  Marine and equipment coverage, and business inventory that may rotate or fluctuate in values during peak seasons. Our policies are designed to truly custom fit your business profile with the coverage you need while not burdening the policy with redundant extensions of coverage that don't relate.

3) Liability - Although liability in its basic definition is just a determination of damage by legal negligence, the need of liability coverage and the specialized coverage endorsements often provide coverage beyond the scope of a general liability to the public. We will work with you to secure your basic liability needs but also look at those particular areas of risk which might require coverage for your products or the finished operations of your business.  An example of this custom coverage would be Garage Keeper's Liability which provides coverage to  businesses where customers may leave their vehicles overnight. Another coverage in this  category is Cyber Liability.  As computers and data storage become an operational essential, so does the need for this specialized coverage.  It can be purchased by endorsement or as a stand-alone policy. The scenarios are endless for specialized liability coverage, but we are confident we can find the niche coverage you need to protect your business assets.

Professional Liability

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." - Red Adair - Distinguished Fire Fighter


The news media carry stories of situations where a professional has been found negligent on an almost daily basis and for individuals who spend time and effort learning a specialized industry, the fear of legal reprisal for lapses in judgment or performance is paramount to risk management.  As a business owner or professional in a particular field, we must be aware of the risks associated with exposure to damage in the professional arena not only in a financial sense, but also in regard to reputation and validation within the scope of our specialized fields.  For this reason, more and more professional groups are looking to secure coverage that would provide protection against these exposures.  Custom Insurance Advisors staff are pleased to partner with you in protecting your career with the following types of professional liability coverage:


1)  Malpractice Coverage - This coverage is specific to doctors and medical professionals as well as other clinical positions.  These policies are usually found in special markets and may be costly but are invaluable to the professional when faced with an allegation of malpractice.


2) Errors & Omissions - Financial advisors, insurance agents, and realtors are some of the professionals who may benefit from this specific type of liability coverage. This liability will protect against wrong financial advice, incorrect coverage selection, or failures to disclose property information as well as fiduciary responsibilities.


3)  Professional Liability - Many other miscellaneous professions require protection that covers the individual's risk of professional negligence.  Some other types of professional liability include teachers, media, beauticians, and the list  goes on.  Feel free to contact our agents today to determine the best protection for your performance and longevity in your professional career.

Workers Compensation 

"It takes leadership to improve safety." Jackie Stewart - British Racing Driver


One of the most vulnerable aspects of risk for a business  is the area of employee safety and work place injuries.  Because individual states are responsible for the insurance regulations that guide Workers Compensation Insurance requirements,  many employers mistakenly believe that they can not be held legally liable for injuries an employee sustains while on the job if the state regulations do not require coverage.  In fact, an employer may still be sued for medical bills and lost wages due to injury and the time and money spent fighting legal battles can be taxing on the business and may even drain the company assets.  With that in mind, we are committed to making an assessment of how much workers compensation would cost you and let you see how affordable the coverage is when weighed against the costs of electing not to cover your employees. 


Please contact us today to look at how we can best protect your business income and longevity.

Workers Comp
Business Auto

"In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield." - Warren Buffett - American Business Magnate


Most individuals believe that "all insurance is the same," but in business there are specific risks that are not comparable to the same exposures of a personal private passenger vehicle.  Custom Insurance Advisors understands that one size does not fit all and we will collaborate with you in securing coverage that meets the needs of your business auto coverage.  We may supply you with Liability, and Physical Damage coverage as well as providing liability for the risk associated specifically with your business.  Coverage may be rated based on the type of work you perform, the extent your vehicle is used for work, and the value of the vehicle. 


Don't hesitate to call us today to look at the options available in securing your coverage for business autos.

Business Auto

"You have to make sure that your assets and your back is protected before you make any big decisions." - Adam Rich - American Actor


            Today's business world is rapidly advancing and change is almost continuous with technological advances and changes in business processes.  Many business owners and organizational leaders are faced with a challenge in not only planning to protect the resources connected to their particular business, but also to understand the exposures involved in dealing with legal issues that might arise which could leave the business vulnerable to failure.  Commercial Liability coverage will provide protection against the premise, operations, and product risks for loss to others but even this protection may leave the business without coverage in the case of a major lawsuit that exceeds the basic coverage.  Please contact our office today to look at this protection which would add a layer of coverage to extend over the liability coverage associated with your business organization. 

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